Monday, August 20, 2007

Peach Cookies

I just wanted to put this in here because these are absolutely my favorite cookies in the world. I will find out this recipe if it kills me. Anyway, I think most people have had these at weddings, they are peach flavored and shaped cookies. There are actually two cookies per peach, and the inside has a hollow space that is filled with a white cream and a maraschino cherry!! I buy them from a local lady who has her own coffee shop and baked goods store in New Stanton, PA. Bev's Baked Goods/Bev's Coffee is the name.

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Nick said...

I love those cookies too!!

We had them at my cousin Elizabeth's wedding. Totally worth going to weddings for.

Chewy Waffles said...

Some people don't put the cherries in the middle, or make the cookies just right. One day we still have to go to the coffee shop in New Stanton, and you will have to try on of her cookies because they are the best EVER!

The Weasel said...

Oh god, I was just talking to my Mum about these the other day!!! I thought they were pure sugar though I didn't realize they were actually a cookie.