Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ocean City, Maryland

Last weekend I went to Ocean City, MD for a few days. The weather was nice and we had fun and I wanted to post about this awesome candy store we found on the boardwalk... Wockenfuss. Everything was handmade and I bought my mom some saltwater taffy (in individual flavors), my dogs each a treat shaped like a life saver, and I also bought these little potato-shaped candies that tasted like coconut. Sadly, I do not have a picture of the little potatoes, but the looked exactly like miniature of the real things! The were the right off-white color and rolled in cinnamon or something to look like the skins!! Here are pics of the dog treats and also of some awesome looking Gelato I saw in Dewey Beach, DE. They had a lot of flavors, including words I don't even know. Sadly, I've never tried Gelato, but maybe someday!!



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Hally said...

I love OC! It's too bad that I haven't been out there since 2005, though, since I now live in Wisconsin. I love Thrashers Fries!